The dream to fly is something we’ve all experienced. But for every thirty airline pilots, only one is a woman and only 10% of airline pilots in the U.S. are minorities - despite a looming pilot shortage.

Shaesta Waiz is flying solo around the world to change that.


Born a refugee, Shaesta grew up in America and became the first civilian female pilot from Afghanistan. Dream to Soar follows Shaesta and her dream team around the world and documents her return to Afghanistan for the first time since her childhood. Along the route she meets young women across the globe and inspires them to consider a future in aviation, aerospace and STEM.

Shaesta’s historic flight includes 28 stops in 17 countries across 5 continents. Each stop is designed to maximize outreach for the promotion of aviation, aerospace and STEM education.

In addition to following Shaesta as she circles the earth, Dream to Soar will trace the remarkable history of women in aviation and tell the stories of other adventurous women aviators - including the world’s youngest airline captain, fighter pilots, top stunt pilots, astronauts, air racers and first-time pilots.



PRODUCERS: Andy Adkins | George Potter | Jaime Jacobsen | Danny Schmidt | Phil Baribeau. 

The award-winning Dream to Soar documentary team produced An American Ascent (2015), Unbranded (2015), Charged (2016) and Finding Traction (2014).

Their groundbreaking feature films have documented the first African-American climbing team on Denali, the world’s foremost female ultra marathon athlete, and a 3,000 mile Canada-to-Mexico wild mustang ride. They’ve also filmed projects for the BBC, National Geographic, PBS, the National Park Service, NASA and the History Channel. Their commercial work in travel and tourism include campaigns for the Montana Office of Tourism, YETI, and Vasque.


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